Current Alexandra Trophy Holders

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 Note: Only Full Club members are eligible to win club trophy's. Players from other clubs and Country Members may play in the particular trophy event field and may be eligible for any prizes on the day but cannot win the trophy.

18 Hole women's section - 2017

Tohill Cup, Silver Champion - Cindy Bell, R/U Lesley Clague

Wilkinson Cup, Bronze 1 Champion - Dot Watt, R/U Ros Richardson

Armour Motors Challenge Cup, Bronze 2 Champion - Loretta Gye, R/U Jill Massey

AGC Ladies Knockout Cup - Frances Scott, R/U Annette Meyer

Bell Stevens Trays, 4BBB Knockout - Barbara Janman/Helen Passmore, R/U Rene Cummings/Katthy Forrest

Veteran's Knockout Tray - Terri Gillaly, R/U Joy SInclair

Rene Robertson Memorial Cup - Best 7 of LGU - Gail McNeil, R/U Ros Richardson

Passmore Putting Tray - Best 5 out of 7 - Gail McNeil, R/U Karen Crawford & Judy De Clifford

Rosebowl - Best 3 out of 4 (Medal) - Annette Meyer & Lorraine Robertson, R/U Wendy Middendorf

Bogey Vase - Best 3 out of 4 (Par) - Sue Douglas, R/U Bronwyn Greenwood

Noreen McLean Tray - Best 3 out of 4 Home Pennant (Stableford) - Jill Massey, R/U Jen Brass & Wendy Middendorf

HG Scott Cup - Best 4 out of 6 stableford rounds - Annette Meyer, R/U Rosie Turnbull

25th Jubilee Ola Roberts Trays - Best 4 Stableford played monthly - Pat O'Connor & Annette Meyer

Nancy McCormack - Foursomes - Karen Crawford & Rosie Turnbull

WGNZ Medals -

      Silver - Gail McNeil

      Bronze 1 - Ros Richardson

      Bronze 2 - Sue Endicott Davies

Thursday Trophy - Gail McNeil

Saturday Trophy - Ros Richardson  

Tuesday Trophy - Gail McNeil

Ringers                   Tuesday                               Annette Meyer, Dot Watt & Judy de Clifford   

                                 Thursday                             Annette Beattie   

                                 Saturday                              Cindy Bell    

Fay Dick Tray - Best reductionin handicap - Sue Endicott Davies

Brent Trophy, Opening Day Cup - Pam Lamb

Val Peyton Memorial Jug - Closing day - Islay McDonald

Bendigo Trophy, Stableford - Wendy Middendorf & Sue Douglas (1st equal)

Tournament trophies


        - Wilkinson tray, Best Gross - Cindy Bell

        - Jean Pilcher Trophy, Best Nett - Kathy McLean

Blossom Festival

        - Captain's Trophy, Best Gross - Liz McRae (Wanaka)

        - Thelma Sanders Trophy, Best Nett - Helen McCormick (Dunstan)


9 Hole women's section - 2017

Thow Trophy, 9 Hole Champion - Anita Johns, R/U Alison Hogue

Single Knockout - Maureen McKewen, R/U Janice Blackman

June Clarke Trophy (Best all round player) - Lyn Taylor

AWGC Beginner's Tray (Most improved player) - Judy Hamilton

9 Hole LGU  - Joy Kilgour

Eclectic - Louise McKenzie, R/U Maureen McKewen

Tuesday Tray - Janice Blackman

9 Hole Tournament (Best local player nett score) - Joy Kilgour

Home Links - Lyn Taylor, R/U Alison Hogue

Closing Day Trophy - Not yet played


18 Hole Men's section - 2017

Club Championship Qualifying  

Senior - Ian McLennan Memorial Trophy -  TBC

Intermediate - Cuthbertson Cup -  TBC

Junior - Criterion Trophy -  TBC

Novice - Cahill Cup -  TBC


Club Championships (matchplay)

Senior - Alexandra Herald Cup - Dave Fraser, R/U John Roche

Intermediate - Taylor Rosebowl -  Gordon McGregor, R/U Nigel Hinton

Junior - Alexandra Golf Club Cup -  Ian Rutherford, R/U Brian Bruce

Novice - Alexandra Golf Club Cup -  Murray Wood, R/U Dave SInclair


Knockouts - Handicap Events

Single Senior - McGrath Cup - TBC

Single Junior - Warren Whitelock Cup - TBC

Fourball - Wright & McDonald Shield - TBC

Veterans (over 55) - TBC


Kroon Weastell Trophy (best 4 nett stroke round, blue tees from Feb to Nov annually) -  Adrian Crawford

Veterans Trophy (best gross score less age) - TBC

Whyte & McKay Trophy (18 hole 4BBB stroke) -  Brian Bruce & Ralph De Clifford

Cullen Trays (18 hole foursome stroke on handicap) -  TBC

Old Smuggler (18 hole 4BBB stableford) -  P & S Fairweather

Cronin Cup (best Senior men nett score in club tourn. Full members only) - TBC

Calcutta Cup - (best Junior men nett score in club tourn. Full members only) - TBC

Keith Gourlay Cup (aggregate of 3 best stableford scores in each of Spring and Autumn) -  Peter Fairweather

Bendigo Centenary Trophy (Stableford) -  Gordon McGregor


Mixed section - 2017

DB Trophy (opening day 4BBB stableford, own or drawn partners) -  Bill & Jill Massey

ANZAC Trophy (4BBB Par, own or drawn partners) -  Ros Richardson & Brian Bruce

New World Trophy (mixed 4BBB knockout) -  Rene & Mike Cummings

McCallum Trays (4BBB stableford, own or drawn partners) -  Malcolm Moore & Sue Endicott Davies

Jock Wilson Memorial (Canadian foursome, own or drawn partners) -  Sue Douglas & Kerry Hopwood

Kidd Quaich Scot/NZ (winners 1st rd Alexandra Classic) -  Murray Wood & Audrey Roberts

Life Member's Cup - (overall winners Alexandra Classic) - Murray Wood & Audrey Roberts 

Fenwick Memorial (closing day 4BBB stableford, own or drawn partners) -  Dave Sinclair & Suzanne Grant /

                                                                                                                          Scott Ball & Annette Meyer - Joint